County court judgments increase 20%

The number of county court judgments (CCJs) against consumers in England and Wales has increased more than 20 per cent to over 209,000.

The increase, in the first quarter of 2015 compared to a year ago, emerged in figures from the Registry Trust – a non-profit organisation that collects CCJ and high court data.

There has not been more than 200,000 consumer CCJs in the first quarter of the year since 2008.

While many people are struggling with unmanageable debt, the average value of a CCJ in the three months to March (£2,171) fell for the sixth consecutive year.

This average value is 41 per cent down on the same period in 2009, the recent high point.

The total value of all debt judgments against consumers in the first quarter was £514m, to which CCJs contributed £455m.

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