Sole trader / individual services

We can assist with a variety of options to help you through the problems you may be facing. These are :

» Individual voluntary arrangements

Formal procedures to come to a deal with creditors. These are very flexible deals which we can tailor to suit your specific individual needs. They can for example be based on making a repayment from income over a period of time to allowing you time to remortgage or sell a property.

» Informal arrangements

We can assist in liasing between you and your creditors in an attempt to settle outstanding debts.

» Bankruptcy

We can assist and advise in respect to all aspects of bankruptcy advice, whether you owe or are owed money. This section contains detailed information and a summary of the procedure.

»Debt relief orders

Debt relief orders were introduced in April 2009 and are designed for the group of insolvent debtors who are unable to afford the costs of presenting their own bankruptcy petition.

» Frequently asked questions

A selection of questions we are often asked, along with the answers.

Company services

We can help with the any aspects of a company’s problems. In summary these are :

» Liquidation

If the company cannot continue then we can advise on the steps necessary to wind it up. This section includes details on all types of liquidation including solvent liquidation, where all of the companies oustanding debts can be met in full.

» Administration . | . » Company voluntary arrangements

We can help with formalising an arrangement with a company’s creditors and thus allowing the company to continue. We can act in obtaining the protection of the courts whilst putting forward suitable proposals by way of an Administration order.

» Company informal arrangements

It may be unnecessary to enter into a formal procedure. We can help with discussions with creditors and arrange repayment terms or refinancing / investment.

» Frequently asked questions

A selection of questions we are often asked, along with the answers.